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1 Pound Leaf Lard


This is our Premium Quality Rendered Pure Leaf Lard, a necessity for the perfect pie crust! Order this easy to use 1# vacuum packed size if you don't really go through a lot of it, or need just enough for a few recipes (there's 2 cups per one pound package). 

Look at our 5# and 10# listings for larger quantities.

Vacuum pouches will lay flat and freeze wonderfully for long term storage. 
Our Pure Leaf Lard is Exceptional. It's creamy and super smooth ....... like butter! Pure and farm fresh. Artisanal Leaf Lard from Fanny & Flo is the real deal, made only from organic and certified organic family farm raised sustainable pork. 

Rest assured that our production environment is free of Tobacco, Pets, Hard Liquor, Offensive Odors, Dirty Jokes and Racey Undergarments.
Pure leaf lard, rendered in a pure atmosphere.

Low Temperature open kettle rendered Non-hydrogenated pure leaf lard. This isn't loin fat, back fat or belly fat. It's only the fat from around the kidneys, producing the most fine grained and creamy white leaf lard money can buy. With zero trans-fats, our Pure Leaf Lard has not been bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered. It's 100% pure with nothing added, you won't be disappointed.
It's Clean, It's Safe, It's Guaranteed.

******To Answer a common concern******
Is the Leaf Lard organic? Where does it come from?
Fannie's Grandson, along with several neighboring producers raise the heritage breed hogs that we source our leaf lard from (primarily Berkshires and Herefords). The farms are members of the "Organic Valley Farmers Co-op" and produce only Certified Organic Pork. The livestock is raised without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticide exposure. They are seasonally grazed and not given feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMO). Organic Valley Co-op Farms are 3rd party "Certified Organic" and follow federal guidelines.
We render in a commercially licensed kitchen 4 days per week, our space is inspected and certified for safe food production. 
Our Leaf lard is sourced from 100% certified organic pork raised entirely grain free.