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  • Pint Jars of Leaf Lard

    This comes packed in One Pint (16 fluid ounce) glass mason canning jars .
    Choose one or two jars, (the shipping cost does not increase for two) !
    * For 2 pints- Choose the "Two Pint Jars of Leaf Lard" option but Keep the "QTY" at "1" (otherwise you are ordering 4 total jars, and the shipping charge doubles).

    Our Pure Leaf Lard is a Premium Quality Product. It's so creamy and super smooth ..... like butter! Farm Fresh Artisanal Leaf Lard from Fanny & Flo is the real deal, made only from family raised organic Grain-Free Pork.

    Low Temperature open-kettle rendered. This isn't loin fat, back fat or belly fat. It's only the fat from around the kidneys, producing the most fine grained and creamy white leaf lard money can buy. With zero trans-fats, our Pure Leaf lard has not been bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered. It's 100% pure, nothing added. You won't be disappointed. Clean, Safe and Guaranteed. 

    Rest assured that our production environment is free of Tobacco, Pets, Hard Liquor, Offensive Odors, Dirty Jokes and Racey Undergarments. Pure leaf lard, rendered in a pure atmosphere.
    Bulk quantities are available in vacuum bags- see our our other listings!