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  • Hickory Smoked Lard ! - Rendered and Smoked Farm Fresh Leaf Lard, Exceptional Flavor and Organic Sourced, 16 Ounce Ball Heritage Glass Jar

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    It's back! The weather has cooperated so we're back in stock with our popular Hickory Smoked Leaf Lard. packed in One Pint Mason Jars.
    My, my, my - does it get any better than this? 
    This ships in a box- so choosing two jars will ship for the same cost as one! 

    $8.50 per jar

    $9.85 Flat Rate shipping

    1 Jar ships for $18.35

    2 Jars ship for just $26.85

    Such a nice smokey flavor that compliments so many foods- We love it! This is the same quality fat as our pure Leaf Lard, except that the fat is cold-smoked over Shag-bark Hickory wood before rendering. 
    Inspired by vintage recipes that call for using bacon grease, we thought this would be fun- and it is. 

    Don't expect it to taste like bacon grease, it's only seasoned with the smoke- so it's not like cured bacon. This gives it a mild but pronounced smokey flavor and turned out to be a much more versatile ingredient than anticipated- we even used it to make pastry for an Apple Bacon Pie! 

    Pure and small-farm fresh, all of the Artisanal Fats from Fanny & Flo are low temperature open-kettle rendered, never bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered. Our rendered fats come from sustainable organic raised foraged pork. It's 100% pure, nothing added. 
    You won't be disappointed, it's guaranteed!

    Rest assured, our production environment is free of Tobacco, Pets, Hard Liquor, Offensive Odors, Dirty Jokes and Racey Undergarments. 

    Rendered is not performed in a home facility. We lease a commercially licensed kitchen, assuring safe and sanitary processing, wholesomeness, cleanliness and food packaging compliance. We render according to food safety HACCP guidelines resulting in a zero-moisture / zero bacteria (shelf stable over 50°F) protocol. If you have any questions, please ask.

    The source of our lard is primarily Berkshires and Hereford heritage breed hogs, the livestock is raised without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticide exposure. They are foraged and not given feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMO).