Shipping to US addresses/Territories only (APO/FPO/DPO) U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico etc.
  • Tallow in 1 Pound Vacuum Bags


    Rendered Beef Tallow One Pound Vacuum Pouch (16 ounces in each bag). Heavy airtight bags are convenient to store and lay flat to save space.

    (The shipping cost stays the same for 1 to 4 pounds- Priority Mail $8.45) 

    * Choose the One, Two, Three or Four Pound option, but Keep the "QTY" at "1"
    (otherwise you are multiplying your chosen number of pounds, and the shipping charge multiplies as well).

    Unsurpassed quality-   Near odorless, perfect For Soap Making; Candle Making or Handmade Cosmetics.