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  • Three Pounds - Leaf Lard Blend With Organic Clarified Butter


    Three pounds of Leaf Lard with Organic clarified butter (you'll get three vacuum bags with one pound in each bag) 

    A blend of our Premium Leaf Lard with Organic unsalted clarified butter! 
    This is a no-brainer- 50% Pure leaf Lard and 50% Organic Clarified Butter- That's it. 
    Just in time for Pies, we've packed it in an Oh-So-Convenient 16 ounce size pouches -That's 6 cups total !
    Perfect for baking, pastry & recipes when you want to use half Leaf Lard and half Butter. The high smoke point makes it an excellent Saute' fat with zero moisture, zero trans fat. 
    Very flavorful and convenient!

    Please see our "Pure Leaf Lard" listing for more product details.