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  • Whipped Pure Grass Fed Beef Tallow - 2 Cup Tub

    Whipped Tallow, light and creamy rendered beef Tallow, packed in a 2 cup deli tub. 
    This tallow is already whipped making it easier use by itself, or when blending your own essential oils and ingredients for making your hand crafted lotions and creams. Unsurpassed quality-  near odorless (mild) and pale. This is pre-whipped for easy blending if you choose to add your own essential oils!

    You may want to consider ordering the two tub quantity, as the shipping cost is the same for two as it is for one!
    The product stores well (refrigerate or freeze for long term storage).
    (The shipping cost stays the same for 1 or 2 Tubs- Priority Mail $6.60) 
    * Choose the "One Tub" or "Two Tubs" option, but Keep the "QTY" at "1"
    (otherwise you are multiplying your chosen number of tubs, and the shipping charge multiplies as well).