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  • Whipped Tallow in Amber Glass / Pint Jar Size

    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Whipped Tallow, light and creamy rendered beef Tallow, packed in the new Ball® Amber Glass pint jar! (2 cup volume) This tallow is a wonderful treatment for your skin, all by it's barenaked self.

    Our whipped tallow stays soft at room temperature, it's never grainy so it's easy to use- and it's unscented. Just tallow- from organic farmed stock, grass fed & grain free. Creamy, fluffy & light- a little goes a long way so use it sparingly. We think you'll really enjoy this! Feel free to gently stir in a drop of your own essential oils or other ingredients for making signature handcrafted lotions and creams! 

    For 1 or 2 Jars, the shipping cost stays the same- (Priority Mail $8.20) 
    * Choose the "One Jar" or "Two Jars" option, but Keep the "QTY" at "1"
    (otherwise you are multiplying your chosen number of Jars, and the shipping charge multiplies as well).

    It's still the same 100% grass-fed organic tallow that we've always rendered, whipped for you! Our process of gentle heat and chill cycles produces a superior product that is nearly odorless and color free.
    Unsurpassed quality-  All of our tallow comes only from the kidney fat (suet) of Organic raised and Certified Organic Grass Fed stock. We don't render the subcutaneous or muscular fat. Rest assured that our production environment is free of Tobacco, Pets, Hard Liquor, Offensive Odors, Dirty Jokes and Racey Undergarments.