Smoked Leaf Lard is Here! Save money on shipping and order 2 Pint Jars TODAY!


We will take PayPal, credit cards, money orders, personal checks, rain checks, IOU's 
and occasionally chickens or puppies*. 
With an IOU we will HOLD an item for you. 
Send a check and we will ship on the way home from the bank.

*At this time we really don't need puppies or chickens 
(this could change so please check back often).

We would like payment to be completed within 3 days, however we also understand that we can't always have everything the way we like. 
Send us a message if something comes up and you need a little more time. 

Refunds & Exchanges

We really just don't want to give the money back.
More than likely by the time the fat hits your doorstep, Flo has already spent the cash on Schnapps and Lavender Scones...(but we don't want you to be disappointed so I hid a small stash of cash under the good china on the top shelf in the hall closet).
In the sad event that you just are not happy with your purchase 
(and you simply don't want us to make you happy), let me know right away. 
If you don't want it - then we certainly don't want you to have it. 
No amount of money is worth the value of one's reputation. 
Send it back & get a refund. 
I won't be angry, and I won't tell Flo.

We ship to the U.S. and it's territories.  Unfortunately, the shipping costs are so high for international shipping that it requires us to quote on a per order basis.  Please contact us before placing ANY international order so that we may quote it properly.  (Example - 5 pounds to Canada is about $40 USD)